Washington Post journalist concedes ‘Russiagate’ story a ‘f*cking unpredictable mess’ in Task Veritas video

After beforehand getting representatives at CNN and the New York Times to concede there was little substance behind the claim of “Russia intruding” in the 2016 decisions, Undertaking Veritas got the Washington Post’s national security journalist doing that also.

James O’Keefe, originator of Venture Veritas and self-depicted “guerrilla columnist,” has made various adversaries among the media by utilizing his covert strategies not against the standard suspects – government and corporate insiders, for instance – yet against the media foundation itself. Furthermore, of late, O’Keefe, together with his young group of associates, has gone up against the myth of “Russiagate.”

The most recent to fall prey to Extend Veritas coincidentally was one of the biggest purveyors of the “Russia intruding” story, the Washington Post (WaPo), which guarantees that Donald Trump plotted with the Russians to take a generally certain triumph from Hillary Clinton in the 2016 races.

In a discussion with a covert Task Veritas “correspondent,” WaPo’s national security journalist, Adam Entous, who is relegated to the Russia beat, let the famous ugly truth out in the open in regards to the “Russiagate” story.

Here is a segment of the discussion as it played out within a clamoring drinking spot.

Adam Entous:Our detailing has not assumed us to a position where I would have the capacity to state with any certainty that the consequence of it will be the president being blameworthy of being in cahoots with the Russians. There’s no confirmation of that that I’ve seen up until this point.

Venture Veritas:There must be something, isn’t that so?

Entous:Maybe, possibly not. It could simply be bring down level individuals being controlled or controlling, however it’s difficult to, it’s really…It’s a f*cking black box.

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